Yokocho Chicago | DJ NIGHTS
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Friday night, November 30th
Sonny Daze


From the Tropical Nights in Miami, to the hustle and bustle of New York nightlife, and the steamy euphoric clubbing life of Berlin, Sonny Daze returns to the Windy City with BEGINNING at Yokocho.  Providing the soundtrack of his journey as a international Music Curator in the place where it began.

Friday night, December 7th
Merrick Brown


Saturday night, December 8th
Duke Shin


Friday night, December 14th
Cory Sterling


Saturday night, December 15th
Jamie Heyes


Friday night, December 21st
Ashina Hamulton


Saturday night, December 22nd
Gregory Lee Delphond


Friday night, December 28th
Bumbac Joe


Saturday night, December 29th
Pu**y Galore